Report and video of Bricup meeting at Soas with Bongani Masuku

Jonathan Hoffman : “I read out the last paragraph of the HRC finding. I was shouted down but managed to ask the question. When I had finished asking the question Hickey said that no-one should answer my question – not in the lecture theatre and not on the Panel. It is all in the video on YouTube.”

See the whole article and the link to YouTube here.

5 Responses to “Report and video of Bricup meeting at Soas with Bongani Masuku”

  1. Absolutely Observer Says:

    Despite my comments to you on another thread – Respect! If that is a taste of what UCU politics are like, I am not surprised Engage is in existence. The heady stench of an over-excited lynch mob was palpable. No wonder, UCU wanted to keep it secret.

    Btw, is it true that UCU are still scheduled to play a role in the government enquiry into antisemitism on campuses; or is it a sick joke?

  2. Sarah B Says:

    I had already read about Jonathan Hoffman’s attempt to ask a question, but the video had greater impact – it was shocking to hear all the jeers and shouting and the audience’s apparent refusal to listen to, or consider, the very important point being made. I hadn’t read the full text of Hickey’s answer before and I found that, also, quite extraordinary.

  3. Susan Says:

    What about Omar Barghouti? Did anyone try to ask about him? His presence is proof that this academic boycott is really a boycott of Israeli Jewish academics.

  4. Shmuel Says:

    That clears that up then; racism in South Africa is irrelevant to suffering in Palestinian. So now both sides are on the same page at least.

  5. Sarah B Says:

    This is an email I’ve sent to my local rep (though I’ve just edited out a couple of reference to colleagues’ names) proposing a branch motion condemning the invitation to Masuku. It includes a link to (and quotes from) a website which seems to confirm unequivocally the UCU’s role in the conference on 5 December. I’d be interested to know a bit more about the circumstances surrounding the UCU’s confirmation of its involvement in the Masuku visit.

    Dear All,

    Please excuse another email – only sent to those who replied to my original message on this topic – about Bongani Masuku. As I’ve already mentioned in an email I would like to propose a branch motion condemning the invitation to Bongani Masuku. Could you let me know if there is anything else I need to do in order to propose such a motion? I assume this recent post which I found on this site:

    confirms that Masuku was indeed invited by the UCU and not just BRICUP. There had been some uncertainty about this so it’s very useful to have this (apparent) clarification. Here are some of the relevant paragraphs:

    “University and College Union confirmed it had invited Bongani Masuku, who stands accused of making statements amounting to hate speech against Jews and Israelis, to attend a conference on 5 December. The event saw motions discussed on an academic boycott of Israel, first debated at UCU Congress in May.

    Masuku is currently in the UK promoting his “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” campaign against Israel. The commission made its ruling on 3 December and gave him 14 days to apologise to the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) before it starts legal proceedings against him.

    A UCU spokesperson said: “Our understanding is that Masuku is seeking a proper hearing in relation to complaints around comments he made back in March. Until that process is properly complete it is not really appropriate for UCU to comment.”

    Best wishes


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