After many years as professor of Yiddish and Judaic Studies at Vilnius University, Lithuania, and research director of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute, Professor Dovid Katz felt he could not remain silent at the growing campaign in the Baltic region of what he calls “Holocaust Obfuscation”, the attempt to potentially write the Holocaust out of European history without necessarily denying a single death, but by rewriting twentieth century East European history as “two equal genocides” (Nazi and Soviet, or in its antisemitic versions, Soviet-Jewish).
  • Things escalated in the Lithuanian capital in recent years when prosecutors and police began harassing aged Holocaust survivors who survived by joining the anti-Nazi resistance with “war crimes investigations”.
  • The website, which is openly partisan, seeks, in Dovid Katz’s own words, to introduce a Second Opinion into the debate and in time to chronicle the history of the Holocaust on a search-by-location basis in the Baltic States. The site opposes the 2008 Prague Declaration and associated resolutions, and also has a page dedicated to antisemitism in Lithuania in recent years.
  • It also provides links to dozens of media items from recent times, including the explosive UK Tory EuroParliament alliance with various far-right parties in Eastern Europe.

    Welcome!  This site opposes. . .
    ►the campaign to defame Holocaust Survivors who resisted
    ►the movement to write the Holocaust out of European history
    ►the ‘Prague Declaration’ and the ‘Double Genocide’ industry
    ►the state tolerated morass of antisemitism, racism, bias
    ►efforts to stymie free debate

    The site supports. . .
    robust defense of the Holocaust Survivors defamed
    ►opposition to ‘Double Genocide’ & red-brown commissions
    ►bringing you media coverage (scroll down for most recent)
    ►citing the work of bold citizens who speak up proudly
    ►recording noble gestures of diplomats and organizations
    ►study of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Holocaust
    research and education in the field of Litvak studies
    ►providing background to the history and current debates


    RECENT  COMMENT (more media here)

    ►Dovid Katz in the Jewish Week (30 Dec 2009)
    ►David Hirsh in Haaretz (25 Dec 2009)
    ►Efraim Zuroff in the Jerusalem Post (23 Dec 2009)
    ►Toby Axelrod on JTA (20 Dec 2009)
    ►Benny Weinthal in the Jerusalem Post (17 Dec 2009)
    ►Izi Leibler in the Jerusalem Post (16 Dec 2009)
    ►Dovid Katz and Clemens Heni in the AJ (4 Dec 2009)
    ►Dovid Katz in the Jewish Chronicle (30 Nov 2009)
    ►Tim Whewell in the Guardian (30 Nov 2009)
    ►Daiva Repečkaitė on Wonderland (14 Nov 2009)
    ►Mehdi Hasan in New Statesman (1 Nov 2009)
    ►Dovid Katz in the Irish Times (31 Oct 2009)
    ►John Mann MP (UK) in the Jewish Chronicle (29 Oct 2009)
    ►Daiva Repečkaitė on Wonderland (28 Oct 2009)
    ►Clemens Heni on WPK (26 Oct 2009)
    ►Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian (20 Oct 2009)
    ►Shimon Samuels at OSCE (5 Oct 2009)
    ►Paul Hockenos in Newsweek (2 Oct 2009)
    ►Efraim Zuroff in the Guardian  (28 Sept 2009)
    ►Seumas Milne in the Guardian (9 Sept 2009)
    ►Dovid Katz on Three Definitions (Sept 2009)

    ►Jonathan Steele in the Guardian (19 Aug 2009)

    ►Leonidas Donskis on (24 July 2009)

    10 Responses to “The new HOLOCAUST IN THE BALTICS website”

    1. Toby Esterhase Says:

      Hirsh is linking approvingly to Seumas Milne??

      But then I guess Milne has his own reasons for opposing the idea that Stalin was as bad as Hitler.

      Which may be linked to the fact that he doesn’t think that Stalin was all that bad at all.

    2. Absolute Observer Says:

      He also thinks the Chinese CP – the one who hangs drugs traffickers, smashes independent unions, fiddles with Google – is a “good thing”…………

      “Both failures have accelerated the rise of China, the third vital change of the past 10 years, which has not only taken hundreds of millions out of poverty as the economic gap with the US has halved (China has in fact overtaken the US in domestic capital generation), but also begun to create a new centre of power in a multipolar world that should expand the freedom of manoeuvre for smaller states. Its blithe disregard for free market orthodoxy has only added to its success in riding out the west’s slump. So perhaps it’s no surprise that western politicians are increasingly anxious to blame China for their own failures, in everything from trade imbalances to the fiasco of the Copenhagen climate change negotiations.”

      Sssh. not a word about Dafur and China, ssssh

    3. Brian Goldfarb Says:

      I had thought that Tony Judt’s article was good and insightful…and then I read his response to Greenberg in the later edition of the NY Review of Books. These are the last two paragraphs of that reply:

      “Does anti-Semitism lie behind Eastern Europeans’ irritation at Western emphasis upon Jewish victims? I’m sure it often does. But that irritation also has its roots in the West’s longstanding indifference to non-Jewish victims of both Hitler and Stalin, and it is not unreasonable for people to raise the matter. Actually it has been my impression that scholars and public officials in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe have tried hard to overcome the prejudice and ignorance of decades past.

      Finally: anti-Semitism among Palestinians and other Arabs is stupid and deplorable. But far from fueling anti-Israeli sentiment, it has frequently been spawned by it. Anger and frustration at Israel’s actions disposes people to hate all Jews and believe ill of them—as we have seen in Europe’s own Muslim communities in recent years. I don’t downplay this development. On the contrary, I see it as a new and dangerous twist in the long history of anti-Jewish prejudice. One hundred years ago, anti-Semitism was “the socialism of fools” (Bebel); today it is the consolation of losers. Those who complacently attribute the Middle Eastern tragedy to resurgent anti-Semitism among dispossessed, displaced, and humiliated Arabs should know better. They are blaming the victim.”

      Note the second sentence of the first paragraph above, and the last two sentences of the second para. In the first, resurgent antisemitism and/or the rewriting of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe is the fault of Western intellectuals, and in the second, the rise of Moslem antisemitism is the fault of the Israelis.

      So no change there in Judt’s general position.

      • Brian Goldfarb Says:

        Apologies, that should, of course, have read “Grinberg”. My apologies both to Marat Grinberg and to the readers of this thread.

    4. Susan Says:

      Tony Judt is a historian and he should know better. Western antisemitism entered the Arab world in the 1800s along with Western colonialsim. Judt should study the Damascus Affair and the spread of blood libel in the Arab world

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