David Hirsh, Seumas Milne and Martin Shaw

These to and fro discussions are worth looking at again:

David Hirsh and Seumas Milne

David Hirsh and Martin Shaw

(A couple of the links here are broken.  This is Hirsh’s piece against the academic boycott in Democratiya 13.  This is the response and discussion in Democratiya 14)

2 Responses to “David Hirsh, Seumas Milne and Martin Shaw”

  1. aradi 25 Says:

    the david hirsch CiF, in retrospect to what has actually occured and the unraveling of the facts about Israel’s aggression, is rather nauseating in its knee-jerk defense of Israel’s propaganda campaign. Why bother even to pick it apart it is filled with so many shallow platitudes.

  2. Absolute Observer Says:

    Tell you what aradi, when you have finsihed throwing up, perhaps you could take the time to “pick apart the shallow platitudes,” because at the moment you have said nothing that distinguishes you from the obsessive trols that come here every now and then. Go on, I dare you, do some work.

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