Israel and Iran – How Will It End?

Politically they’re at daggers drawn, each declaring the other enemy number one. Could there be a diplomatic way out of a stand-off that threatens the entire Middle East? Is all-out war inevitable – or could these two ancient nations, and vibrant cultures, one day even find a way to make peace?

Opinion Soup will be joined by Emanuele Ottolenghi, author of Under a Mushroom Cloud: Europe, Iran and the Bomb, Professor Ali Ansari, director of the Institute for Iranian Studies at St. Andrews University, Hagai M Segal, award-winning lecturer and consultant on Middle Eastern affairs, and Azadeh Moaveni, author of Lipstick Jihad. Chaired by Jonathan Freedland.




To book

Monday 22nd February
Hampstead Town Hall,
213 Haverstock Hill,
London NW3 4QB
£10 in advance,
£12 on the door
Click here to book online

One Response to “Israel and Iran – How Will It End?”

  1. modernityblog Says:

    I am somewhat reluctant to ask, but will there be a video?

    Or at the very least a sound recording for those of us unable to attend?

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