John Mann needs re-election help

John Mann needs your help

John Mann is the political driving force behind the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism in the UK which conducted an inquiry and produced a report on antisemitism in 2006.

John Mann is also a key figure behind efforts to do similar work internationally through the Inter-parliamentary coalition for Combating Antisemitism, whose conference produced the London Declaration.

In short, John Mann has worked harder than any other MP in Britain to organise against antisemitism and he understands the problem clearly.

John Mann’s constituency is being targeted by the Tories in the coming general election and money is being poured in by Lord Ashcroft and other big Conservative Party donors to unseat John Mann.  They believe that his seat is winnable.
John Mann is resented because he is one of the few MPs who was not touched by the expenses scandals.  He is entirely impossible to corrupt, either financially or politically.  He has stood up for his largely working class constituents fearlessly and he has stood up against antisemitism in the same way.

Money is needed to fund John’s campaign. And it is needed now.

The threshold for publication of donations is £200 and donors must be registered to vote. Donations over £1500 (to one or more than one candidate) are to be disclosed. Donations over £7,500 are published.

Please donate early – Ashcroft is making his presence felt

Update: John Mann won in Bassetlaw with a much smaller-than-national-average swing to the Conservatives.

One Response to “John Mann needs re-election help”

  1. Judeosphere Says:

    Mann’s efforts have not gone unnoticed in the United States.

    He was invited by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to participate in a series of podcast interviews, “Voices on Antisemitism.”

    Transcript is here:

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