Vote for Karen Reissman in Gorton Manchester in the General Election !

We have received the following message from Comrade Gornisht in Tel Aviv :

After Gerald Kaufman’s vile outburst last week “Just as Lord Ashcroft owns most of the Conservative Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the rest,” myself and Comrade Gluckstein recommend a vote for TUSC candidate Karen Reissman in Gorton. As a longstanding member of the SWP we feel Karen is the best candidate to defeat Kaufman from an anti-racist position.

26 Responses to “Vote for Karen Reissman in Gorton Manchester in the General Election !”

  1. Bruce Says:

    To add to the mix: there are rumours that following a visit from George Galloway, Respect are also planning to stand against Kaufman and Reissmann.

  2. Curious Says:

    Can I assume that Brown has acted immediately and that Linton and Kauffman have now been disciplined by the Labour Party for reproducing classic antisemitism and national socialist imagery of the Jews. If not, why not?
    If someone could inform me of the measures taken.

  3. Thomas Venner Says:

    And how exactly is voting for a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party going to help oppose anti-Semitism? Do these people live in some kind of insane parallel universe or something? What next – will the BNP be putting up a candidate somewhere with a campaign pledge to renovate the local Mosque?

  4. Richard Gold Says:

    I think Karen standing is both correct from an anti-racist perspective and also Karen’s campaign is an important step for the working class. With this in mind i think Engage supporters should offer to help in Karen’s campaign (I’m sure Karen and her comrades will be pleased). So for those of you who can spare the time to canvass for Karen , please contact me through Engage.

    To borrow from Lenin “Karen’s struggle is the struggle of the working class.”

  5. Israeli Musician Says:

    This is a good initiative and i’d like to support Karen and the SWP in their struggle in Gorton. I’m not sure how i can be of use – but i’m quite a talented saxsophonist and i’ve heard the SWP are in need of a good one, so i’m willing to play a gig or two.

  6. Thomas Venner Says:

    This is the SWP we’re talking about, the party of obnoxious, stuck-up middle-class pseudo-intellectuals who only joined because the Tories aren’t as fashionable.

    Also, why should Engage supporters offer to help with her campaign? Engage, in case you haven’t noticed, is opposed to anti-Semitism. The SWP promotes anti-Semitism, and then accuses anyone who criticises this of being part of some nefarious Zionist conspiracy. Even if Karen Reissman is a perfectly nice person herself, she still represents a party which has played a role in driving the massive increase in anti-Semitic activity in the UK in recent years (not to mention the SWP’s overall ideological stance, which is primarily derived from the old “Socialist” tyrannies of the last century). Taking this into consideration, how can you possibly expect any of the people who support Engage to consider supporting a member of the SWP, even one who claims (and “claims” is the operative word here) to oppose anti-Semitism?

  7. John Browett, DSG International Says:

    We’ve been messed around quite a bit lately by Gerald Kaufman (over a television he ordered) so i’d also like to endorse Karen’s campaign.

    • John McBlain Says:


      are you representing an official company view here – I doubt it. In which case, you should NOT use the name of DSG.

      For the record, I think he is great by the way

  8. Thomas Venner Says:

    Sorry, I missed out a bit in that first line. It should read:

    “The struggle of the Working Class”? This is the SWP we’re talking about, the party of obnoxious, stuck-up middle-class pseudo-intellectuals who only joined because the Tories aren’t as fashionable.

  9. Comrade Shmendrik Says:

    Maybe Thomas has a point. Perhaps if Respect are standing it would be better to vote for the Respect candidate ?

  10. Comrade Avocado Monkbiscuit Says:

    Well I think this is a great idea. As we all know, Manchester is historically part of Palestine, and with someone from the SWP at the helm, I’m sure it can be successfully freed from beneath the jackboots of Ziofascist colonial oppression eventually.

    Personally, of course, I’m not an SWP man myself – I can’t help but feel that they’re a group of bourgeois deviationists at heart. I’m with the Workers’ Socialist Revolutionary Workers’ Party of Revolutionary Socialism (Marxist-Leninist), the only Party in this country which will be able to successfully unite the proletariat in glorious Socialist revolution and thwart the nefarious aims of the international Zionist-Imperialist colonial axis and their agenda of diversionist acts and counter-revolutionary sabotage.

    It will, of course, be a long, hard and dangerous struggle. We all remember the shocking acts of brutality meted out against our brave anti-Zionist freedom fighters at the Gaza protests last year. One man is still recovering after one of the “Police” thugs brought in by the Zionist Occupation Government cruelly stomach-butted him in the head. Another man had hours of work spent polishing his favourite combat boots traumatically ruined after one of the Zionist thugs on the ground repeatedly battered them with his head and abdomen.

    And before anyone starts accusing me of “anti-semitism”, I’ll have you know that I’m not at all “anti-semitic”, I’m just anti-Zionist. I even kissed a Jew once. Well, she kissed me, and I didn’t especially like it (and, for those of you who might find yourself in this situation, laundry detergent is not the best way to remove the taste), but the point still stands.

    Anyway, I hope that some of what I have said here will move some of you to see the error of your ways and stop defending the Zionist entity and its nefarious tentacles from legitimate cemtex-based criticism.

    Long live the Revolution!

    Down with the Zionist entity!

    Ismail Haniyeh for President !

  11. Jim Denham Says:

    I’m all in favour of furthering the struggle against anti-semitism by voting “Respect” and /or the SWP/TUSC and Comrade Gornisht has chosen an excellent day on which to make his announcement.

  12. zkharya Says:

    Has lawfare closed Harry’s Place comments?

  13. Sarah B Says:

    Indeed Jim 😉

    Looks like something odd’s going on at HP Zkharya, yes.

  14. Imbécile d'avril Says:

    I have just heard that the Labour Party is discipling both Kauffman and Linton by appointing them to the House of Lords.
    Well, if the Lib Dems can do it for Jenny Tonge, why shouldn’t Labour?

  15. Hot Cross Bun Says:

    Jeez, and I thought the Guardian was bad!

    Well, it is nearly Good Friday – never was much of a good time for the Jews. At least Christmas is better, what with all those lovely carols.

    • Brian Goldfarb Says:

      Yes, but it’s the _comments_ (presumably unmoderated) that are the stench in the nostrils here, not the original journalist and _his_ article, which was quite entertaining in the way he offered his two conclusions.

      • Gil Says:

        I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘below the line’ comments in the Telegraph are worse than the ones on CIF. This is probably due to lack of moderation as Brian presumes.

        It beggars belief that someone is allowed to post using the name ‘juliusstreicher’. And he’s one of the moderate ones…there are some who sound like they’ve come over from Stormfront or D Duke.

  16. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Richard, I hope that you posted this recommendation from Comrade Gornisht (I always thought he spelled his name Gornischt, having changed it from Shmendrick) before noon. Otherwise it passes it’s sell-by date.

    Hope you had a good Seder or two, everyone (who has Seders, that is). And happy Easter to those who don’t.

  17. Comrade So Noooooh? Says:

    So Noooooh?
    And what about us atheists?

    Is there no place left in the world fo us?
    Or has the world really become like the old joke………..”An aetheist? Fine, but tell me, a Catholic aetheist or a Protestant aestheist?”

    Enjoy the lengthening days.

  18. sarah peace Says:

    hello – i saw someone say stuff about the swp. I am supporting Karen R. and not in the SWP – but found them all great when I took a leaflet from them last week. Yes Respect are standing…a shame.

  19. vildechaye Says:

    Hey I’m not a Brit but I do follow goings-on on this site and (until two days ago) on HP so I find it absolutely INCREDIBLE that anyone would post here seeking support for an SWP candidate. Aside from all other considerations — and there are many — isn’t the SWP the same gang that supplies the UCU with many of its anti-“Zionist” (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) leadership? Doesn’t the SWP support the most blatant and flagrant anti-Israel positions? Isn’t it SWP members of the union who celebrated that they were able to have a meeting and keep the “zionists” out? etc etc etc etc. Isn’t Engage’s main purpose to be against academic boycotts of Israel. Therefore, isn’t it positively weird that an SWP candidate would get an article asking for support here? Or am I missing something?

  20. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    The only question left is whether there really _is_ an SWP candidate (whether called Karen Reissman or not) standing in Manchester Gorton at the forthcoming General Election?

    Thomas, it took me a while, but I had to think hard to realise what the date was, too!

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