Irish unions host ‘anti-Israel’ parley

Ireland’s national trade union federation is hosting a conference in Dublin on Friday on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a majority of speakers either firm advocates or not opposed to a complete boycott of Israel.

Jonny Paul in the Jerusalem Post.

3 Responses to “Irish unions host ‘anti-Israel’ parley”

  1. Lynne T Says:

    With record numbers of young, educated Irish men and women leaving the country to find work, you’d think the ICTU would have other priorities.

    • Bill Says:

      The UCU, Berserkly student assoc, the ICTU… All of which have something better to do right now.

      Perhaps they’ve discovered the trick used by many of the world’s dictatorships. Forget your own worries, “do something” about Israel, pat yourself on the back, and all problems will be forgotten… They’ll still be there of course, but forgotten.

  2. Benny Berger Says:

    Yes, I agree with Lynne T. What are these good for nothing parasites being paid for (the Trade Union leaders)? So frustrated at being able to nothing productive in the economic crisis, they have resorted to wheeling out on of the good old reliables in a crisis, Anti-Semitism. But for their members dues to subsidise their inflated salaries for this? If I were a Trade Union Member, I would cancel my membership when I found out what these good for nothings were doing for a living.

    Sure most of them wouldn’t know what a hard day’s work was even if hit them in the face at 100km!

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