Tory policy is now for a free movement of people?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron:

“The situation in Gaza has to change.  Humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.”

Is David Cameron in favour of the free flow of goods and people from Gaza only into Israel or is he also in favour of a free flow of goods and people from Gaza into the UK?

Is he also in favour of a free flow of goods and people from Afghanistan into the UK or from Iraq into the UK?

The Guardian reports his words complete with Livingstone Formulation:

Hansard, the House of Commons’ official record, shows Cameron said on 28 June: “Everybody knows that we are not going to sort out the problem of the Middle East peace process while there is, effectively, a giant open prison in Gaza.”

His choice of the words “prison camp” instead of “open prison” is likely to be seized upon.

The Guardian does not say who is likely to “seize upon” the difference between “open prison” and “prison camp”.  The clear inference though is that Jews or the “Israel lobby” will “seize upon” the difference, saying that “prison camp” has connotations of “concentration camp” which “open prison” does not have.  The inference, therefore, is that Jews or the “Israel lobby” will say that Cameron is using an antisemitic Holocaust analogy, but the term “seized upon” implies that this accusation would be made in bad faith.

The article in the Guardian does not report Cameron’s protest against the British forces who have killed civilians in Afghanistan and in Iraq, nor does it report Cameron’s criticism of Erdogan’s Turkish regime’s human rights abuses against Kurdish civilians.  But both men seemed to agree over Israel.

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