Ben Cohen on Oliver Stone and Antisemitism

At The Huffington Post.

… It was these myths which effectively licensed Oliver Stone’s remarks. If there is a lesson to be drawn from L’Affaire Stone, it is that he did not – and this is why his apology is really by the by – act alone.

Read the whole piece.

One Response to “Ben Cohen on Oliver Stone and Antisemitism”

  1. Brian Robinson Says:

    Front Row: Oliver Stone reviewed by Stryker McGuire — “He drives me crazy, Oliver Stone … very talented, very undisciplined in his thinking …” Mark Lawson: “He’s accusing the mainstream media of being partisan, and yet very, very few … journalists would be as sycophantic as he is with these [South American] leaders … [also] the detail isn’t there, he’s very incurious …”

    McGuire: “It’s very self-indulgent … as much about [Stone] as it is about these presidents …”

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