US co-op boycotting Israel receives ‘support’ from anti-Semites

This is a guest post by Kubbeh.

An American food co-operative has admitted that it has received anti-Semitic comments ‘in support’ of the boycott of Israeli products that it announced last month. The Olympia Food Co-op’s blog carried the following message: “Unfortunately anti-Semitic statements have abounded in a lot of the ‘support’ that the co-op has received in regard to the Israeli-products’ boycott.” (The co-op did not divulge the specifics of the messages that it had received.)

Whilst it is encouraging to see the co-op take a stand against anti-Jewish bigotry, it is nonetheless disappointing that the organisation remains intent on banning the produce of Israeli farmers from its shelves – thus using the actions of Israel’s government as an excuse to discriminate against ordinary citizens. Whilst congratulated the co-op for taking a stand against anti-Semitism,Ha’aretz columnist Bradley Burston also condemning the boycott movement:

“I remain opposed to boycotts, Olympia’s included, first because I oppose collective punishment of all kinds, whether practiced by Israel against Gazans, or by progressives against Israelis as a whole. I also believe that boycotts against Israel tend to be self-defeating and play into the hands of the right.“

The Olympia Food Co-operative’s boycott only extends to two stores in Washington State, however, it received widespread press coverage owing to the fact that Olympia is the hometown of pro-Palestinian activist, Rachel Corrie, who died in Gaza. The co-op’s boycott has nothing more than symbolic value – and any impact on the Israeli economy will be negligible. Once again, empty gesture politics win over genuine efforts to support the struggle for peace in the Middle East.

4 Responses to “US co-op boycotting Israel receives ‘support’ from anti-Semites”

  1. redflags Says:

    This is a slur. The issue is whether Palestine will continue to be occupied by an ethno-nationalist state. BDS aims to bring the Israeli state into compliance with international law, to allow refugees to return to their lands, and to end the racist madness that is Israel’s permanent war against the indigenous people of that land, and every surrounding nation.

    Secular democracy. I assume its good enough for the owner of this blog (in a predominantly Christian country). Strange that they see anything redeemable in a country that openly, proudly and with force of arms brutalizes for its own volkstadt supremacy.

    Zionism is the name for Jewish fascism. And Jews with principle are standing up, finally, for secular, democratic solutions to the garrison that spits on Jews who live in their own countries while murdering Arabs for the crime of… not being Jews or “recognizing” a Jewish-supremacist state.

  2. redflags Says:

    Rachel Corrie was murdered by the state of Israel while putting her body non-violently on the line to stop ethnic cleansing and home demolition. Her memory grows stronger every day. People f principle will no longer tolerate Zionism and its hate-mongering.

  3. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    redflag, your mantra is well known. Please explain the following, why do you single out Israel as an “ethno-nationalist” state?
    How comes that Zionist fought against fascism, while communists had a practical alliance with Nazi-Germany 1939-1945?
    Redflag, you talk about secular democracy? In your country the head of the state must be an Anglican. In Israel no law prescribes the religion of the president, so one of this days, given peace will come, Israel might have an Arab president.

    Redflag, do you really believe to convince somebody with your mantra?

  4. Karl Pfeifer Says:

    Sorry, practical alliance 1939-41

    After all the Soviet Union transferred in those years more than 1000 German and Austrian refugees to the Gestapo, most of them Jews.

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