Amnesty International official calls Israel “scum state”

Amnesty has excellent vision and the majority of its work is necessary and good. We all benefit from the scrutiny of strong human rights organisations and I do not want to weaken Amnesty. But this from Amnesty International’s Finnish head Frank Johansson requires attention.

“Scum” is a Google translation, apparently. When I ran “nilkki” through Google translate, I got “twat”. Alternative translations offered have been “punk state” or “creep state”. None really helps this official of a leading human rights organisation whose credibility depends on being able to criticise governments without those governments writing Amnesty off as simply antagonistic to the country. Do Amnesty officials publicly insult other countries like that or, once again, is it only Israel?

Why are so many members of so many organisations prepared to sacrifice their credibility for the chance to vent their flimsy personal opinions about Israel? Weird.