Israel’s academics rise above assaults by Europe’s left and Israel’s right

Carlo Strenger in Haaretz.

2 Responses to “Israel’s academics rise above assaults by Europe’s left and Israel’s right”

  1. Yehuda Erdman Says:

    Dear Mira
    This is a very good post and instinctively I am with Carlo Strenger in asserting that it is the right wing ultra-nationalists that are conducting a witch hunt akin to the McCarthyist one in the USA circa 1950.

  2. Jöns Olof ÅKERLUND (fr. Alunda) Says:

    Israel’s war against the truth pursued by various types of weapons (including Bonnier Media & let criminals as well as civilian-clothed Mo$$ad’s eXpo staff & co) continues quite cynical on Swedish soil, too. Jews massacred oppressed classes of society; eliminates honest people all over the world. Independent characters living under devastating danger of perforated Zionist imperialism … The whole world is transformed into an occupied Palestine and that is humanity’s largest trial to destroy the two-legged beast, or accept being enslaved in forever! Unfortunately, this mass-mediated Partial-drugged Swedish people on the value of this second option … This is entirely real inferno-similar true global Holocau$t of concern to all individuals!

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