2nd part of the BBC World Service Documentary by Wendy Robbins Now Available

To listen to the second part of the series, on Holocaust obfuscation and normalisation, click here

Holocaust denial, it was thought, was put to rest with the humiliation in court of David Irving.

However, denial is rampant in the Middle East, and across Europe there is a political manipulation of the Holocaust, its trivialisation or obfuscation, and its labelling as just one genocide among many.

In this episode, Wendy Robbins visits Lithuania where 95% of its Jews didn’t end up in concentration camps, but instead were herded – often by their neighbours – into specially-dug pits, and shot. Yet the popular Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius doesn’t even mention it.

As the Baltic states look for an identity in the wake of independence from the communists, the Holocaust is being politically manipulated. The public wearing of swastikas is legal and the few remaining Holocaust survivors are being hounded as “war criminals.”

The programme website is here.

The first part of the series is here.

2 Responses to “2nd part of the BBC World Service Documentary by Wendy Robbins Now Available”

  1. Telavivit Says:

    In :Heart and Soul” so far
    part 1: Moslem antisemitism, case in point: Sweden.
    part 2: Far Right antisemitism, case in point: Lithuania.
    Any chance for part 3: Far left antisemitism, case in point: UK?

  2. Rob Marcin Says:

    Why wasn’t the genocide museum in Kaunas mentioned
    in the documentary?.If I am correct there are exhibits
    from the Soviet and Nazi genocides.I came away from the program with the idea that no matter what happened to
    Lithuanians and their soviet/Russian genocides(because
    there are people that question the validity of that) it
    couldn’t possibly compare to what happened in the holocaust.Is the simple answer to just build a holocaust
    museum in Vilnius somewhere? Would it resolve all the debate and controversy of the history and all the events that happened in that time period?
    I don’t feel the program did enough to explain Lithuanian
    history and what had led up to the holocaust.

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