Call for Papers – ESA Network on Ethnic Relations, Racism And Antisemitism – Geneva Sep 2011

Research Network 31, for the study of Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism, is a network of the European Sociological Association.

The network has met every two years at the major conferences of the ESA.  It emerged in 2005 in Torun, it met in 2007 in Glasgow and in 2009 in Lisbon.  It has also had successful independent mid term conferences in 2008 in Paris and in 2010 in Belfast.

The network is based within sociology but happily includes scholars from other disciplines.  The network has a European focus but its concerns and its participants are also global.

The network is a safe antiracist space for scholars to study antisemitism, racism, and ethnic relations alongside each other in a supportive and intellectual environment.  It has also focused in particular on thinking about the relationships between these different forms of exclusion, bigotry or prejudice.

Abstracts can be submitted now for the meeting in Geneva from 7-10 September 2011.  The deadline for abstract submission is February 25.

The General call for papers is here on the ESA website.

The particular call for papers for the network on Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism is here on the ESA website.

Please share this call with colleagues of yours who might be interested in contributing.

Please come.

RN co-ordinators: Veronique Altglas ,  Robert Fine and David Hirsh

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