Macy Gray’s consultation

Macy Gray asked her Facebook followers whether she should perform in Israel.

Ynet reports the backlash against her decision, which seems to have opened her eyes to the nature of the boycott campaign.

4 Responses to “Macy Gray’s consultation”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Betty Hunter, the general secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: “We welcome Ian McEwan’s statement about his disapproval of the settlements but we would point out that accepting this prestigious prize is a way of giving support to the Israeli government, which is dedicated to pursuing illegal expulsion policies against the Palestinian people. His acceptance will be used as a public relations exercise by the Israeli government.”

    She would say that, wouldn’t she, and also conspicuously fail to notice McEwan’s comment on Hamas. We can all be one-sided/one-eyed, but this is plain silly.

  2. Sarah AB Says:

    She also seems to ignore the important distinction he draws between a civil society and its government.

  3. Fajah Says:

    Hunter’s attitude is consistent with a thread running right through the various anti-Israel activities: We’re not against Israeli civil society — but any positive interaction you have with it helps the Israel government and must be stopped. We have nothing against Israeli academics — we’re only out to boycott universities. We would never support harming civilians — but all Israelis go to the army, so they’re fair game. We accept the principle of Israel’s right to defend itself — but any specific action it might take is completely unacceptable. It’s an attempt to present thuggery in a virtuous light.

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