Alan Dershowitz on Free Speech

Dershowitz on Free Speech Here

8 Responses to “Alan Dershowitz on Free Speech”

  1. Kierkegaard Says:

    This is a video of a recent meeting at Edinburgh’s Jewish Society.

    The only people I see “trembing with fear” are members of the University’s Jewish society.
    The only people I see denying freedom of speech are those who are disrupting the meeting.
    The only people I see banding around the word “nazi” are those disrupting the meeting.

    Equally interesting is the fact that those disrupting the meeting have denied not only the freedom of speech of the invited speaker, but also those members of Jewish society who are in attendance.

    Why did those engaged in the silenicing of others think it fit to silence members of the Jewish Society?
    Why did those enganged in the silencing of members of the Jewish society think that they knew beforehand how the meeting would proceed and so silence all those in attendance (apart from themselves)?

    Having Jewish meetings disrupted, of members of Jewish society being frightened and scared, that is the truth of “anti-Israel” activity on UK campuses.

    And, less it be thought it a UK phenomenon, this is from Canada,

    • david Says:

      Talk about double standards….. what about Norman Finkelstein’s first amendment rights, so effectively stifled by Dershowitz?

      • Jonathan Romer Says:

        Refresh my memory: How did Dershowitz do that?

      • conchovor Says:

        ‘Talk about double standards….. what about Norman Finkelstein’s first amendment rights, so effectively stifled by Dershowitz?’

        They don’t cover the right to libel or slander. If you falsely accuse another academic of plagiarism, you pay the price.

  2. Avi in Jerusalem Says:

    I think that sometimes we forget the blindingly obvious. Anti-Israel or Anti-Zionist activity has precious little to do with bettering the situation of the Palestinians. It is all focused on the Jews.

    Although I think that there should be positive pro Israel activities on campus and show the reality of what life is like here in Israel, we need to combat the anti-Zionist activity in a much more forceful manner and show it up to be what it is.

    My experience on campus activities was in the UK in the mid-late 1970’s, however things seem to got much worse since then. In my day it was just the undergraduates having a go at each other. Now, the Jewish students have to cope with concerted attacks from the faculty members too.

    I think that in the final analysis, naming and shaming them helps. We must show and tell people what a great place we have here in Israel and at the same time, expose our detractors for the scum that they are. We will not convince them to change their minds as they know they are right (and many have PhDs to prove it). The target group is the uninvolved on-lookers, whether they are there or not.

  3. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Like the man says in his headline: Motto of Anti-Israel Academics: “Free Speech For Me, But Not for Thee!”

  4. Lynne T Says:

    If the protesters are U Edinbourough students they should be disciplined under the university’s rules of conduct assuming they have any, and for harassment. That they would shout down an Israeli Bedouin who has a fairly high post in the Israeli government says everything you need to know about the BDS movement. They know full well that Israel is not an apartheid state and that the truth would sink the BDS enterprize which is for a binational state.

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