Norm’s response to Howard Cooper

One Response to “Norm’s response to Howard Cooper”

  1. Absolute Observer Says:

    A rather nice take on (Cooper’s) “as a Jew” prattling.
    It comes from a sympathetic review of Tony Judt’s last work in the NYRB,

    “It is natural to react to persecution not only by defense but by a heightened pride in the traditions and characteristics of the persecuted group. In spite of his universalist convictions, this mechanism is at work in Judt’s feelings, even though he condemns the “uncompromising Israelophilia” and “lachrymose self-regard” that is often associated with commemoration of the Holocaust in the United States.”

    Turns out that the “as a Jews” are just as “damaged” (or not) as Rose’s “pathological Israelis”.

    I know little about psychoanalysis (or what passes for it nowadays) but is there not a school of thought that talks about how the “patient” seeks to emulate the “therapist”. In Cooper’s nonsense we have a “therapist” emulating the “patient”.

    Rather than putting others on the couch and mistaking the role of therapist with that of didact perhaps he should work through his own traumas first.

    “These distortions occur when patients fear looking honestly at their own failures……. Of course Hirsh is right that the issues of post-Holocaust Jewish attitudes involve political questions. But to divorce politics from an examination of the deep subjectivities that inform any political position is both naive and intellectually flawed.”

    Exactly, Rabbi Cooper, exactly.

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