Seven individual Jewish children

“In the latest round of this saga Caryl Churchill has a new self-justifying plea“,  Norm comments.

2 Responses to “Seven individual Jewish children”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Norm is remarkably restrained, given the debates that have taken place on this very topic. All the more damaging for that.

  2. Jonathan Romer Says:

    Caryl Churchill had the opportunity to write family drama about seven individual Jewish and/or Israeli children. She had the opportunity to interleave them with seven individual Palestinian children too, if she’d wanted. If peace, justice and reconciliation actually were important to her, she could have used that format to show how ordinary people on both sides of a conflict can get drawn toward hardening attitudes and, if she had chosen, she could have used her characters to sketch the possibility of moving ultimately in the other direction. She could have done all that in the same concise style as the travesty she actually brought forth.

    Churchill made her choice, and it was to present straw-man feelings and thoughts out of the mouths of Jewish everymen, to fashion Jews in the form she wants them to be seen in. For her now to claim that it wasn’t is cowardice and dishonesty — but it also shows the opportunity she passed up for the sake of venting her prejudices.

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