The myth of BDS Universalism

From   and Harry’s Place.

One Response to “The myth of BDS Universalism”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    It gets so boring having to remind members of the BDS movement that in a way that they clearly fail to comprehend, facts are sacred, while the interpretation of those facts is the subject of debate. Thus, we have this from falsedichotomies and Harry’s Place:
    ‘Barghouti continues: “Specifically, what is often objected to is the demand for full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel. One can only wonder, if equality ends Israel’s “existence,” what does that say about Israel?” ‘

    Barghouti is, as we are so often reminded, a PhD student at Tel Aviv University (which tells us a lot about Israel and openness right there, but I’m sure the irony will pass the BDS folks right by), yet he continues to confuse facts with comment (the first, need I remind him and his fans, are sacred, while comment – interpretation – is free). Thus, de jure, Arab-Israelis (_not_, most decidedly, Palestinians) actually have full equality and citizenship. That they do not have, de facto, full equality is another matter. But then, neither do most members of ethnic minorities in the UK, the law notwithstanding, and similarly, women are still, in many respects, lacking in full equality, again, despite the nominal de jure equality.

    Barghouti seems to think that he has made some sort of point. The only point he makes is that his ideology overrides his intellectual acumen.

    Alex (as “falsedichotomies”), refrains from pointing out all the other fallacies that Barghouti peddles and, frankly, life’s too short to rehearse them all again. However, anyone interested in knowing what is meant by this need only search the Engage archive (up there, on the right, at the top of each and every page) to find out what these are.

    Happy reading!

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