Wildcat strike on Israeli railway follows arrest, beating of union leader

From Eric Lee at TULIP, Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine.

Proponents of a boycott of Israel – and of its trade unions – will often claim that the unions aren’t real unions.  They’re just arms of the Zionist state.

But of course the facts are entirely different.  Israel’s unions are very real indeed, and sometimes the conflicts between unions and employers can get very sharp.

We had an example of this last week when a wildcat strike of railway workers was triggered by the arrest (and alleged beating) of the leader of the union and nine others.

The full story is here – on the TULIP website.

It’s not only the railway workers, but singers at the Israel National Opera who are embroiled in dispute with their employers.  The singers are threatening strike action this week.

Meanwhile, in some unions idiotic anti-Jewish sentiments are still given a platform.  The most recent example comes from Norway, where a union website published a letter from a member claiming that Jews ran the country in 1945.  Anywhere else and that might be insignificant, but as Norwegian unions have been particularly hostile toward Israel in recent years, that takes on an added meaning.

Finally, we’re now only five weeks away from the TULIP launch event in London.  If you can attend, please do make sure to RSVP to ericlee@tuliponline.org.  I hope to see many of you there.

Eric Lee

One Response to “Wildcat strike on Israeli railway follows arrest, beating of union leader”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    On the Israel Railways dispute, seems just like a 1980s union response to Thatcherism: the assumption by a right-wing government that the private sector is, by definition more eficient than the public. Sometimes true, of course, but it depends on whether one’s criterion is efficiency defined by profit margins or by getting the job done in the safest way, all things considered: and unemployment costs the economy as whole, of course.

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