Time to leave UCU argues Eve Garrard

Eve Garrard

Eve Garrard writes:

… Continued membership of the UCU now involves complicity with this exercise in denial. It is appalling that the Union has put its members in the position of having to forego Union protection or collude with Union discrimination. Like many others, I always believed that people had a duty to join their union and to support it; but this belief rested on a prior assumption that unions wouldn’t discriminate against their members. That assumption is no longer a reliable one where the Jewish members of the UCU are concerned. It’s increasingly evident that this institution is one in which Jewish concerns about racism, unlike all other concerns about racism, are dismissed as unimportant, with the Jews who have these concerns being derided as dishonest and manipulative. It’s time for Jews who are unwilling to collude with this treatment, unwilling to accept the role of lower-class citizen which the Union is scripting for them, to leave the Union.

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