Israelis excluded from cycle race in Turkey

Click here for the story from YnetNews.

No doubt the Israeli cyclists will be happy to learn that their exclusion wasn’t antisemitic, it was simply critical of Israel.


5 Responses to “Israelis excluded from cycle race in Turkey”

  1. Mira Vogel Says:

    Is it over 1000 people the Syrian government has killed over the past few months? 63 on Friday.

  2. David Kessler Says:

    I think it’s obvious that the ban was motivated by antisemitism. They allowed several countries that are noted for their oppression of Muslims (Syria and Iraq) to participate. That says it all.

  3. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Now the outcome of that complaint to the YCI could well be interesting. Depends on the clout the IOC has with it: no Israeli participant has ever been barred from the Olympics, so what might happen to the Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish cycling teams could be interesting.

    There’s nothing to stop _them_ not participating.

  4. Inna Says:

    @Mira: The Syrian people are very unlucky. Their oppressors are not Jewish. I mean Israeli. Slip of the tongue.

    • Thomas Venner Says:

      Anyone notice the media’s reporting of the clash between Syrian “protestors” and IDF border guards? I’m sure we all did. After all, it took up the allotted “five minutes on the Middle East” on the news, rather than a report on the worsening situation in Syria (and the uprising by brave Syrians against their government). Many Middle Eastern regimes now know that the western media’s obsession with Israel can be used to very efficiently divert attention away from events in their own countries, with the minimum of effort.

      There’s going to be another flotilla going over to Gaza soon. It was going to mark the anniversary of last year’s one, but its backers in Turkey have decided to move it so that it will now take place just after the Turkish elections. I think we can all guess what sort of things we will not be hearing about those elections already, can’t we?

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