Left Foot Forward on UCU and antisemitism

5 Responses to “Left Foot Forward on UCU and antisemitism”

  1. Absolute Observer Says:

    Competition time.

    How long before one reads about how these types of responses are evidence of “the Lobby” in trouble brought about by the dyanmic bravery of the UCU?

    Remember antisemitism, like all conspiracy theories, abhors a vacuum.

  2. Ex-UCU Says:

    I think it important to note that whilst the majority of those leaving the Union are probably Jewish I am aware of many who are not Jewish leaving in disgust at UCU’s proposed boycott and obsession with Israel (many are certainly no lovers of Israel either).

    I raise this point because it is too all easy to fall into the trap that the fight against antisemitism and the fight against Israel-obsessionism is of concern only to Jews, as if antisemitism is a specifically “Jewish” matter.

    It is not.

    Part of the way that antisemitism works is to isolate “Jews” from their colleagues and comrades and to frame the fightback against it in terms of a claim for “special privilelges” or “excessive particularism” made by Jews for Jews “as Jews” (or, rather “some” Jews, since UCU can always point out those Jews who are willing to remain blind to antisemitism whilst at the same time propagating it).

    To present the picture that only Jews oppose antisemitism is to have already granted antisemitism too much credence.

  3. Paul M Says:

    I feel strongly that the names of those who voted to define away antisemitism should be published and disseminated. I don’t know if the UCU NEC vote was a secret ballot or not, but since the vote was so lopsided it doesn’t matter much. The NEC members should be named and those who voted against, if known, should be singled out for honour. There will one day come another UCU, maybe in a few years, maybe not for a generation, that will acknowledge the racism of today’s union. They may have the decency to express shame. When that time comes, it would be good not to say merely that UCU defiled itself and its members, but that this person, and this one and this … gave themselves and their union over to bigotry and prejudice. The actions of those people should stain them indelibly, as individuals and for all time.

    How about it David? Are the names available?

  4. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    What’s with the “UCU is actively alienating its Jewish members” claim? The UCU _has been_ doing so since the first boycott resolution was passed by either Natfhe or AUT – that’s some 8 years.

  5. Sarah AB Says:

    Ex-UCU member – I (am bound to!) agree.

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