Message from the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre

We are proud to announce that the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre has recently launched a brand new website at and invite you to take a look! For a long time now, we have hoped to spread our message to a much wider audience regarding our museum, our programming and upcoming events.  At the same time, as the world has moved into the electronic age, we can be greener while saving our limited funds, by posting our Symposium Guide online. Not only will this site make our guide available to the educators who register for our symposium in a  user-friendly format, it will now be available to everyone who consults our site.

In addition to the guide, the website provides a history of the museum and some accompanying photos of the artefacts presently on display. Presentations can now be booked online, which will be a boon for educators who find it difficult to call during office hours. Next September/October, we will also have have our Symposium registration forms available online as well. Information about our outreach programs is also posted, as well as contact details.

The “Awareness” section at contains articles selected from the electronic media all over the world regarding Holocaust-related issues as well as those pertaining to antisemitism. This section is updated regularly and worth checking frequently.

Links to recaps of our recent events – our Survivors and Heroes evening and our very successful Holocaust Symposium, which attracted over 2100 students, can be found at, including press coverage, photos and a selection of speeches.

2 Responses to “Message from the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre”

  1. Absolute Observer Says:

    The comments section of even a Centre on the Holocaust is not free from antisemitic crap – Jews play the Holocaust card. Jews are megalomanics and have a persecution complex, Jews are hated because they think themsleves the “chosen race”, Jews wrongly link Jews with Israel/Zionsts and Jews are distinct so that one cannot say a word about the Jewish state without being called an antisemite, etc., etc..


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