Institutional Racism? norm is giving some straightforward examples

It isn’t that complicated.

3 Responses to “Institutional Racism? norm is giving some straightforward examples”

  1. Gideon Swort Says:

    Alef. Norm uses rational Logic to demonstrate his point succinctly.

    Bet. Institutional Antisemitism as we’ve seen demonstrated by the UCU machinations, maneuvers and practices uses irrational reversed logic.

    Gimel. Using Norm’s metaphor, the UCU would addresses ageism by redefining the Differential Diagnosis for breast cancer.

    Daled. In order to re-establish rationality, a solicitous legal Zayin needs to be introduced into their leadership’s inner sanctum.

  2. modernityblog Says:

    Perhaps, Sally Hunt and the UCU’s NEC should study this example of in-direct discrimination ?

  3. Bill Says:

    I could always submit my crass Sid the Sexist satire from the YISU thread, this time in its entirety (the moderators know not the restraint that took!) including the Lipstick Lesbian that posts those nude tool calendars in the coffee room and hangs around with Sid and Larry, so they can’t be sexists. And then there was the other “fake” lesbian who was fun to be around until the day she just didn’t appreciate how Larry said that the allegedly dead girls allegedly buried in the yard of that guy whose being framed (though they can’t prove it) really deserved it. She doesn’t work there anymore. No reason, she just quit. I bet she hangs around with Mary (and really likes boys).

    But it’s waste of space. In the eyes of the people looking for special pleading to exclude jews and only jews, swapping groups in the EUMC working def or showing alternative examples that would never stand in their eyes is just “Changing the Subject.” They’re talking about Jews.

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