Email from Professor Brian Cowan to Sally Hunt

Email message sent to the UCU General Secretary in response to a request from her for ideas how to ‘Improve support and representation for members and local reps’, and ‘Encourage members to get more involved in our union’.

Dear Ms Hunt,

I find it hard to reconcile the laudable words of your message below with the actions of our Union in embracing as policy that which the European Union defines as anti-Semitism.  This is not Germany of the 1930’s.  I am simply ashamed to be a member of such an organization.  How can anyone take this union seriously?  I am sure I am not the only member considering whether I can, in good-conscience, remain associated with this union.

With great sadness

Brian Cowan

Royal Holloway, London, UCU

2 Responses to “Email from Professor Brian Cowan to Sally Hunt”

  1. Sarah AB Says:

    I responded to what I think must have been the same request for advice – I suggested the union avoided alienating members through focusing on divisive issues.

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