Caroline Lucas challenges Palestine Solidarity Campaign on pre-Israel map

See Greens Engage.

3 Responses to “Caroline Lucas challenges Palestine Solidarity Campaign on pre-Israel map”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    A number of possibilities spring to mind concerning this statement from Lucas. One obvious conclusion is the one stated in the article: she doesn’t dispute Israel’s right to exist, just some of the terms on which it co-exists with its immediate neighbours. This may or may not apply to other members of the Green Party, of course. As ever, this raises the question of why only Israel?

    However, to take this position, one would have to wonder why it’s taken her so long? The map has been around for some time now and a lot of attention has been drawn to it. Perhaps, dare it be suggested, it’s suddenly occurred to the MP for Hove that her majority is, in fact (despite being in the order of 1250), wafer thin. It wouldn’t take much for it to vanish at the next election.

    If she’s being _that_ much of a politician, she needs to think further: those of her constituents swayed by the arguments for BDS are probably unexcited by the question of whether maps do or don’t show Israel. Those _not_ so swayed to vote Green (or more accurately, for _her_) will care equally (if at all) about the map _and_ BDS.

    I would suggest that she needs better local opinion poll data to start making such political steps.

  2. Raphael Says:

    Brian – I very much doubt that her decision is the result of such a political calculation although I do not have any alternative more credible explanation for her timing of this letter.

    Whatever else she did or will do, here, she has done the right thing – it does not change anything to the GP (and her own) disproportionate focus on Israel, or to other problems documented on Greens Engage, but we should give her full credit for this unambiguous statement. And no doubt, she will be attacked by some for this stand.

  3. Bialik Says:

    There is always a political calculation with MPs. That’s not a bad thing, they wouldn’t be very effective otherwise. I reckon a constituent had a hand in this. Is Julie Burchill still a Brighton girl?

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