Rob Marchant on UCU and antisemitism

In short, UCU, supposedly representing the cream of our intelligent people has, in its ignorance, rather shown itself deserving of our condemnation.

We must always be aware of the dangers of race-paranoia. But the reverse is also true: we are sometimes not aware of racism that really exists – like, for example, when institutional racism in the Met was highlighted by the MacPherson report – and that not everyone quite is as enlightened as we think.

UCU is just an example of a worrying wider trend. We spend a lot of time rightly criticising the white racists of the BNP and the EDL. But it’s high time we confronted those who condone those other kinds of racism around us. Before they really start to hurt the credibility, and the ethos, of the whole Labour movement.

The whole piece is on Labour List.

One Response to “Rob Marchant on UCU and antisemitism”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    For what it’s worth, I used to argue to students that we shouldn’t think in terms of “left” 7 “right” when considering political systems, but, rather, of a continuum from perfectly open to perfectly closed. Thus, a perfectly open system would be a theoretically perfect anarchist system: no rules, but it works, somehow.

    In contrast, a perfectly closed system would look like a hugely technologically advanced version (beyond what we can/could do now) of Orwell’s “1984”.

    This would put Soviet Communism/Bolshevism and Nazi totalitarianism very close together, with the differences coming, essentially, only from the groups each regime chose to target. Further, it would the USA, Canada, Australasia, the UK and most (if not all) EU countries AND ISRAEL close together, beyond the centre point and towards the “open” end of the continuum, but not necessarily very far beyond the centre point,of course.

    I leave the reader to decide where regimes like Hamas in Gaza, Syria, Saudi, etc, should lie on this continuum.

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