Entebbe- 35 years ago this week – Alan Johnson

Thirty-five years ago this week, German leftists Wilfried Böse and Brigitte Kuhlmann hijacked Air France Flight 139 along with their comrades Fayez Abdul-Rahim Jaber and Jayel Naji al-Arjam. They demanded the release of Palestinian and Baader-Meinhof terrorists, flew the plane to Entebbe in Uganda, separated the Jews from the non-Jews, and prepared to execute them.

How did a young, idealistic, anti-Nazi, a member of the far-left Revolutionary Cells (RZ) come to his end acting like a Nazi, selecting Jews for death?

Read Alan Johnson on where anti-Zionism on the left comes from.

6 Responses to “Entebbe- 35 years ago this week – Alan Johnson”

  1. David Kessler Says:

    I’m sure this is wrong – unless the writer is using the Hebrew calender. The Entebbe RESCUE was on July 3, 1976.

  2. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    David, Johnson’s report is dated 7 June, 2011, and his first line is (more or less) 35 years ago this week. It’s not that far out. More importantly, despite the sneering comments beneath the article, it’s a fascinating take on the new left, to be shelved alongside Nick Cohen’s book “What’s Left” and many other books and articles.

    • David Kessler Says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see that David Hirsch was quoting an earlier article at the time when i wrote my response.

      I do remember the joy in Israel on July 4th when we got the news in Israel and new that we could now celebrate America’s Bicentennial without the cloud of the hostage situation hanging over us. I remember the Israel Air Force planes flying overhead, spelling out “Kol Hakavod Letsahal” (congratulations to the IDF) in vapour trails across the sky as we gathered on the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University celebrating both the freedom and safety of our own brothers and sisters and the historic freedom won 200 years earlier by our greatest ally.

  3. Frederico Says:

    The author of the article should have read this article below before claiming that the hostage-takers “separated the Jews from the non-Jews”:


    • Bill Says:

      “Hartuv recalls that the Israelis were joined by two couples from Belgium and the United States, and two teens from Brazil, who had completed a year of studies in a Jerusalem yeshiva: “They were transferred to the Israeli group because when we landed in Entebbe, before dawn, they had put on tefillin and recited morning prayers. We approached the Peruvian and asked that they be transferred to the foreign group because they were not Israelis. The Peruvian agreed and transferred the two Brazilians. Later they were freed with the rest of the non-Israeli hostages. He apologized for not being able to free the other two couples because the German woman wouldn’t allow it.”

      Sure sounds like they were indeed selecting Jews as Jews, a priori. And there were non-Israeli Jews (“dual citizenship” my arse, any justification to take Jews) among the hostages not counting the AF crew. That they revised their list of “not-Israeli” hostages and let some of the non-Israeli Jews go, or to be precise one did so we can have our token reconciliation or maybe a South American solidarity narrative, doesn’t change the fact that being a Jew made you a target.

  4. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    I’m sorry to say, Frederico, that it might just be that Ilan Hartuv, at 83, is suffering from a selective memory. I’m sure that he thinks that it was only Israelis who were selected and separated, but, as Bill points out, that hardly squares with the fact that two young men from Brazil were then taken out as well because they put on their tefillin (or phylacteries, to use the technical term). Given that it is only Jewish males who do this…And, note, the Belgians and the Americans – who were also jewish – weren’t returned to the “non-Israeli” group.

    Anyway, how did the hijackers know who had dual citizenship? Did they search everyone’s personal belongings, to sift out the holders of Israeli and also those with Israeli _and_ non-Israeli passports?

    Frederico needs to examine his own assumptions a bit more deeply before implying that the hijackers and their accomplices were only wanting to murder Israelis and not Jews in general, whatever the German terrorist said.

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