What overseas issues are UCU Congress interested in? – Ronnie Fraser

Analysis by Country of the International motions debated at UCU annual conferences 2007- 2011

The University and College Lecturer’s union obsession with Israel and Palestine is clear for all to see when one analyses by country the international motions discussed by the UCU’s annual conference in the five years since its incorporation in 2007.

Nineteen of the forty-six motions (41%) debated are about Israel and Palestine, an average of nearly four every year.  The UCU National Executive Committee (NEC) and The University of Brighton each have their names as proposers on six of the nineteen motions.  Tom Hickey, a leader of the boycott campaign, is a member of the NEC and a lecturer at the University of Brighton.

This list does not include the 2011 EUMC working definition of anti-Semitism motion which was discussed came under the Equality Committee heading.

Notable absences from the list are Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia….

Israel and Palestine -19

General -4

Burma -2

Colombia -2

Egypt and Tunisia -2


Turkey -2


China -1

Cuba -1

Egypt -1

Greece -1



Libya -1

Sri Lanka -1

Sudan -1

3 Responses to “What overseas issues are UCU Congress interested in? – Ronnie Fraser”

  1. Ex-UCU Says:

    What were the content of the motions? Did any include calls for boycotts? Did some? or just Israel and Palestine?

  2. jacob arnon Says:

    Venezuela too is absent from the list.

    • Bill Says:

      Yes and the chavistas have used very heavy force against college students. That doesn’t sit well with me. But with the UCU? So much for solidarity with your next-of-kin. Unless fellow academics and future colleagues aren’t really your brethren.

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