The Zionist far-right and the anti-Zionists – trying to bring Israel down

An unholy alliance of the Zionist far-right and the anti-Zionist far-left is trying to bring Israel down. Like previous unholy alliances, the two partners despise one another, but realize that they are locked in a symbiotic relationship: without one another they will die. The far-right needs the hysteria of the far-left as a pretext for the legislation that fulfills the far-left’s fantasies.

…The only place we will be able to transform this unfortunate dynamic is at the ballot-box. The Israeli left remains down but not out; amidst the disappointment of the anti-boycott bill we must start plotting the resurrection.

Read the whole piece on False Dichotomies or Harry’s Place.

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2 Responses to “The Zionist far-right and the anti-Zionists – trying to bring Israel down”

  1. Absolutely Observer Says:

    “Northern European populists initially exempted the Jews from these xenophobic and racist theories because they have an idolised image of Israel as a mono-ethnic, anti-Islam bloc ”

    As do the anti-Zionists.

  2. Schlieffel Says:

    Here’s an audio of the Southwark debate

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