Ziggy Marley resists pressure to boycott Israel

“People say, don’t disgrace your father’s name by going to Israel and all these type of things,” the eldest son of the late musical icon Bob Marley said at a press conference Tuesday at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv, referring to the negative responses he saw on Facebook and other sites upon publication of his Israel tour dates.   “What I tell them is that, listen, I follow nature, I follow the universe, I follow God. I’m not a part of the segregation that people put on each other … I’m a part of nature and God, and God made the sun shine for everybody.”

Story on Jpost.com

8 Responses to “Ziggy Marley resists pressure to boycott Israel”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    His wife is Israeli and his children are Jewish.

  2. Toby Esterhase Says:

    What does that tell us about his politics Jonathan?

  3. Gideon Swort Says:

    It tells us Toby that he does not think that Israel is an Apartheid state? That he doesn’t buy into the vilification BS? That Israel is Iron like a Lion in Zion? That Israel is no Babylon?

  4. nbrav Says:

    What can I add to this? How many musicians, rock groups etc. are even allowed in countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (then or now) Afghanistan, Pakistan, where, by the way there is no free press and to attemp to criticize any of those Governments is like asking to be shot, in the back by the way, by cowards. I for one will only start to worry about Isreal’s so called policies when the rest of the Arab world has Freedom and Democracy, allows Jews freely into thier countries and recognizes the legitimate right of the state of Isreal to exist in peace.

  5. Vlasta Molak Says:

    The only apartheid in Israel is that Muslim managers of the Temple Mount (where the two old mosques are) do not allow ANY NON-Muslims access to their holly places. ALL other holly places in Israel, be it Jewish, Christians of Baha’i do allow everybody who wants to see them an access! The wall between West Bank and Israel had risen to protect civilians in Israel (of any faith or nationality) from attacks by terrorists (such as spawned by Hamas and Hitzbollah and financed by Saudis and Iran) who have been infiltrating Israel from the West Bank and Gaza. After this wall was installed the number of terrorist attacks on civilians in Israel had dropped significantly, therefore justifying Israeli policies of protecting itself from the Radical Islamic suicide/homicide “martyrs”. When Palestinian Arabs stop hating Jews, they will be able to manage their own state, but not before they teach their children employable skills rather than teaching them hatred of the Jews.

    • jack Says:

      Well said Vlasta Hatred of Jews is a tool used for generations by repressive regimes to control their people. Only when the people stop believing what has been drilled into them for decades and their children learn the real truth and stop teaching hate to their children will there be peace in that region. It will be the children’s children’s children who will live in peace.

  6. Blacklisted Dictator Says:

    This isn’t Marley’s first visit to Israel, both as a performer and visitor. His wife is Israeli and he said his young children speak Hebrew. And there are other ties to the land for Marley, who said his culture of Rastafarianism is rooted in concepts developed in “this region of the world.”

    “Rastafarianism has a lot to do with the Old Testament and Solomon and David and Moses, so we have a strong connection from many years back,” he said


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