Adam Holland on Richard Silverstein

Student in Scotland found guilty of racially abusing a Jewish student

They placed their hands inside their trousers and on to their genitals before rubbing them on to a flag of Israel. It is also alleged they made comments of an offensive nature within Mr Reitblat’s presence, contrary to the Criminal Law Act.

They said that the Jewish student supports terrorists and should be held liable for putting up a “terrorist symbol” in his room – ‘pretty much,’ he reports, ‘that I deserve what’s coming to me. After they left my room, they went on an hour long rant throughout the hall about how Jews have no claim to Israel and that Israel is a terrorist, Nazi state.’

The students are associated with the Scotish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Full story and sources on Harry’s Place.

Dave Rich on the CST blog discusses the story too.

Joe Kane on Just Peace UK describes this in the following terms:

‘A minute or two of mindless student pranks has got the Scottish authorities wasting valuable taxpayers money on the usual zionist accusations that criticism of Israel is racist.’

UPDATE:  Mike Cushman, the man who leads the campaign to exclude Israelis from UK universities, seems to think that this was not racist harassment, and he hopes that Brian Klug or Tony Lerman will be able to get the defendants off the hook.

Loved on both the antiracist left and by open antisemites – Latuff

Old antisemitic trope

Carlos Latuff, the Brazilian cartoonist who won second prize in Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial talent show, has now been legitimised, praised and embraced in the Guardian.

See CST blog.

See Adam Holland. 


The BBC too is bigging up the antisemitic cartoonist.


More from Joseph W on Harry’s Place.

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