Two pieces from the CST blog

2 Responses to “Two pieces from the CST blog”

  1. OptimistikEmily Says:

    Sadly, this does not surprise. There has been more than a sense of, I want to say ‘unintentional’ anti- zionism brewing in british mass culture for a while, which with those for an eye of how the ‘masses’ thought/opinions evolve, I’d say that such blatant and intentional antisemitism, of the sort shown above was ‘on its way’. The work engage does has clearly never been more important. I hope that people can be educated and made aware – as there are some not so evidence based thoughts out there, that could be easily nipped in the bud.

    • Thomas Venner Says:

      I think you’re making a slight mistake here – this has nothing to do with any characteristic of British “mass culture”. Most people don’t know or care about Israel, Zionism or what’s going on with the Jews here or abroad. Anti-Semitism, in all its manifestations, is and always has been a disease of the affluent, middle-class “intelligentsia”, the self-proclaimed elite. If you want to find where British anti-Semitism/”anti-Zionism” comes from, look in our top universities, at dinner parties in Islington, or in the playgrounds of nice private schools where the word “Jew” is a casual insult. Anti-Semitism is a serious problem in this country, I’m not denying that at all, but this is more likely to be the handiwork of some “student activist” poser with a neck-beard and a Che Guevara t-shirt than the symptom of some kind of widespread mass acceptance of anti-Semitic/”anti-Zionist” beliefs.

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