Paul Donnachie turns the focus onto the rich Jew

This is what he said after being convicted of anti-Jewish racism by a Scotish court:

“Mr Reitblat was an American studying over here so he’s from a rich family – I hope he gives the compensation to a good cause and doesn’t just fund his own greed.”

See HP

4 Responses to “Paul Donnachie turns the focus onto the rich Jew”

  1. zkharya Says:

    While I find this guy objectionable, he clearly is incredibly immature, if not deficient. That the equally deficient SPSC would support him I can understand. But support from other circles seems muted (though i could be wrong about that).

  2. Thomas Venner Says:

    I hear he’s going to donate the money to victims of terrorism in Israel. Looks like the “advice” was received and understood.

    The SPSC’s reaction will, no doubt, be hilarious to watch.

    • Thomas Venner Says:

      Mr Reitblat is going to donate the money, that is, obviously. I was very tired when I wrote this, so forgot to say who was who.

  3. Paul M Says:


    Support from other circles may be muted but criticism of Donnachie, from any circles associated with the Palestinian side of the struggle, are essentially non-existent. That fact speaks quite loudly enough.

    Donnachie, by the way, has now condescended to express his approval of Reitblat’s decision to give the money to the Fogel survivors’ fund. He’s learned nothing from the whole experience, and that has to be in part because he’s surrounded by a clique of co-haters treating him like a hero.

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