On a lesser Gilad

Bob From Brockley has been following the trajectory of jazz musician, weak satirist and devoted anti-Jewish (or is it ‘Jewishness’?) activist Gilad Atzmon since his most recent contribution to literary fiction, The Wandering Who (now on sale in Tesco).

  1. Left antisemitism and its rejection: credit where credit’s due / blame where blame’s due
  2. Atzmon and left antisemitism – some addenda
  3. Gilad Atzmon and the SWP – a brief chronology
  4. Gilad Atzmonism
  5. CIFwatching, Andy Newmanism and the socialism of fools

And all Bob’s Atzmon posts ever.


10 Responses to “On a lesser Gilad”

  1. James Mendelsohn Says:

    Tesco stocking Atzmon?!? I thought Tesco was part of the wicked Zionist conspiracy:

  2. Lynne T Says:

    Authors know little about distribution channels and have little control over them, and I’m sure nothing would please Atzmon more than receiving royalties for books sales through Jewish and/or pro-Zionist-owned businesses as to Atzmon that would be proof of Jewish craveness.

    It would be more interesting to know where the senior management of Tesco stand on being distributors of such noxious materials, regardless of the identifiable group that’s being defamed.


    “weak satirist”? They used to refer to the late Lenny Bruce and other American stand-up comics of the era who used profanity, explicit discussions of sex and drug use, etc., as “sick comics”, but in Atzmon’s case, I’d say “sick” is appropriate. Atzmon is like the Israeli Deudoinne.

    • Mira Vogel Says:

      Lynne I’ve been reading a dash of Rosie Bell, and I think Atzmon is an attention-seeking Jew-despising Jew baiter. The comforting difference between him and Dieudonné is that Dieudonné stands for parliament, whereas Atzmon just pisses around on his computer and would never get his hands dirty. He’s also a piece of work and probably delighted at all the upset he provokes. I post on him for documentary purposes only – he’s little more than something that allows us to take a sounding of antisemitism once in a while.

      • Lynne T Says:


        I’m not a mental health professional, so won’t get into commenting on what motivates Atzmon.

        So Atzmon hasn’t run for political office and hasn’t been paid to appear on public broadcasters around the globe (CBC’s French channel, Radio Canada had Deudouin do a guest appearance, but the show’s producers were rebuked for so doing), The two share a similarly toxic mind set that seeks to dehumanize an identifiable group and are shamelessly proud of their animosity.

  3. Absolute Observer Says:

    Apparently it’s nothing personal. This book, like all others, goes out on some sort of list regardless of content. I can’t remember the name of the organisation, but their view is that if the book is not barred by law, then on the list it goes (a policy that I have a great deal of sympathy with).
    Hope this clarifies.

  4. Thomas Venner Says:

    I’ve got an idea – why doesn’t someone get in touch with one of the BDS groups, tell them that Tesco are stocking a racist book by a “right-wing Israeli” and get them to start protesting outside. Then we can sit back and watch hilarity ensue.

    • Lynne T Says:


      Usually anti-Israel demonstrations by BDSers in Toronto results in the target product being sold out. More likely the BDSers themselves, most of whom know Atzmon’s reputation and are not troubled by it, will be there to purchase his books, not to condemn them.

  5. Noga Says:

    Brilliant title, Mira.

  6. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    It’s also on sale at amazon.co.uk at a reduced price (as one would expect at amazon). More worryingly, it’s been rated at 3.5/5 stars, even if that is only by 6 people.

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