Philip Mendes on Jewish antizionism

Steve Cohen

Last Thursday marked the third year since Steve sadly passed away.

Here’s how various people remembered Steve.

Here’s a few links to his writings on the boycott and left antisemitism :

Live Dangerous – Shop at Marks and Spencers.

I would hate myself in the morning.

Writing as a Jewish traitor – An imagined disputation with my comrades on anti Semitism.

And you can download the PDF version of “That’s Funny You Don’t Look Anti Semitic” here.

The Livingstone Formulation is as old as Stalinist antisemitic anti-Zionism

Rudolph Slansky was the Stalinist leader of post war Czechosolovakia who ended up being deposed in an antisemitic purge and accused of Zionism and bourgeois Jewish nationalism in 1952.  Slansky’s confession was written by the antisemites and beaten into him:

 “I deliberately shielded Zionism by publicly speaking out against the people who pointed to the hostile activities of Zionists and by describing these people as anti-Semites so that these people were in the end prosecuted and persecuted. I thus created an atmosphere in which people were afraid to oppose Zionism.”

 From pp.145-6 of Colin Shindler’s new book “Israel and the European Left”.  The source Shindler gives is the Jewish Chronicle, 28 November 1952.

some background on the Slansky trial from Stan Crooke.

More on the Livingstone Formulation.

NB some more examples of the Livingstone Formulation and some interesting discussion in the comments box here

NB an article about the Livingstone Formulation from z-word is here

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