David Hirsh Gives Evidence at Radio Hate Speech Case in Cape Town

The radio station broadcast a programme entitled “Zionism and the state of Israel – an in-depth analysis”, featuring an interview with United Kingdom academic Yakub Zaki.

According to the SAJBD, the academic claimed, among other things, that Jews had brought about the Anglo-Boer war, conspired to steal South Africa’s natural resources, controlled the banks of the world and invented the Holocaust.

Hirsh likened the denial of the Holocaust to English writer David Irving, who publicly denied that Nazi Germans killed millions of Jews in gas chambers during World War II.

Read the whole article here.

Update: SA Jewish Board of Deputies National Director Wendy Kahn has just issued a statement:

This broadcast contained comments that constitute distasteful and unattractive anti-Semitism” and a “presentation of shop-worn recycled fantasies”. So said counsel for Radio 786 on behalf of his clients during the ICASA tribunal constituted to investigate a complaint by the SAJBD regarding statements made during a radio programme on 8 May 1998.

Counsel for Radio 786 further conceded that statements on the broadcast made by a guest on the programme Dr Zaki were “Anti-Semitic … historically inaccurate … contained racist speech … and … conspiracy nonsense.” Furthermore he stated that his client acknowledged that Holocaust denial as expressed in the broadcast “relied on nonsense and long since debunked myths.

2 Responses to “David Hirsh Gives Evidence at Radio Hate Speech Case in Cape Town”

  1. SA listener Says:

    Ok, so the radio is saying that the guest stooped too low – but what of the station itself; and its contribution to the garbage that passed for knowledge. After all, it was the radio host that kept pushing the conversation in those directions.

  2. Dan Says:

    I still correspond with a South African mate that used to attend my college. I asked her why South Africa seemed to be brimming with hostility towards Israel/Jews/etc. She offered two reasons.

    1. Lack of a real education on the history of the region. Most South Africans know very little about the conflict overall. They mostly just take what they hear from websites like Electronic Intifada and run with it.

    2. Symbolism. In South Africa, Israelis are largely seen as white European colonial settlers like the Afrikaners were, regardless of how inaccurate, myopic, and offensive that characterization really is to many Israelis and diaspora Jews. Conversely, Palestinians are seen as poor, oppressed, indigenous (even though Jews are also indigenous to the area encompassing Israel and Palestine) people of color who had their land taken from them and are being subjected to a brutal system of apartheid similar to what they themselves experienced not too long ago. This helps them relate to the Palestinian cause, and lands them squarely in the anti-Israel camp.

    I hope this helps.

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