David Ward M.P. can’t make his mind up.

At first he talked about “the Jews”.

Then he talked about “the Jewish community”.

Now he talks about “the zionists”.

3 Responses to “David Ward M.P. can’t make his mind up.”

  1. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Excellent piece on the Community Security Trust site from February on David Ward: http://blog.thecst.org.uk/?p=4102

  2. Noga Says:

    Finally, he got it right. Whenever you want to talk about how bad Jews are, all you need to do is use the universally-acknowledged politically-correct code word for Jews.

  3. Absolute Observer Says:

    This is how the Guardian reports the issue,

    Apparently, Ward has had the whip taken away from ‘over his views on Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians’. No mention, of course, of the form these views took.

    However, this is my favourite paragraph,
    ‘Last year, the Lib Dem peer Lady Tonge resigned the whip after refusing to apologise for an outspoken attack against Israel.’

    So, in short the Guardian is perpetrating three myths in one go,
    1 ‘Criticism’ of Israel cannot be and never is, antisemitic;
    2. that you cannot ‘criticise’ Israel without being labelled antisemitic; and,
    3. that if you do ‘criticise’ Israel, you may well suffer severe penalties.

    Oh dear!

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