From a non-Jewish left Zionist to Ken Livingstone

Jack Omer-Jackaman has written an open letter to Ken Livingstone. From it,

“Labour has always had a contested, pluralistic approach to Zionism. It was, after all, the party of both Harold Wilson and Ernest Bevin; of Dick Crossmanand Christopher Mayhew. In recent years, though, it is Mayhew’s successors who have shouted loudest and, in the context of anti-Zionism experienced as anti-Semitism I have described, this makes Labour’s “Jewish Problem” harder to dodge. It is to anti-Zionism itself, then, that I now turn.”

Read on.

5 Responses to “From a non-Jewish left Zionist to Ken Livingstone”

  1. Jacob Arnon Says:

    Thank you Mira Vogel for calling attention to this important article about Zionism (my Zionism) from a left point of view:

    I was especially struck by this:

    “At present those who most deny Jews’ right to feel this way are people like you and some sections of the Ultra-Orthodox right-wing of Judaism who are appalled that Jewish identity would ever come from anything so secular as a State.”

    While this has been my own view I liked the way JACK OMER-JACKAMAN phrased it.

    Some people may be interested in an article about antisemitism and how it differs from other forms of racism: He especially mentions former London Mayor Livingston in this connection and a Professor at Oberlin College who came up with a variant (and more universal: applied to Jews in general and not just Zionism) version of the Livingston Formulation (which I like for its pithiness)

    “Anti-Semitism Is Not Like Other Forms of Prejudice” by Edward Rothstein.

  2. josephinebacon Says:

    I have just been on a visit to Berlin with Belsize Square synagogue members. Our trip included a visit to the Wansee House. Among the exhibits is a copy of a letter written by Hitler to a friend in **1919** which he ends by stating “the Jews must be annihilated”. Of course, this is an actual historical document, as is “Mein Kampf” which was Hitler’s manifesto and thus a hundred times more reliable than some rubbish written by a nutter like Lenny Brenner.

  3. Brian Goldfarb Says:

    Sadly, Corbyn doesn’t just see Hamas and Hezbollah as valid agents or partners for negotiation, which of course they are, but as “friends”, which is a huge distinction. I would hope that those who wish me and mine dead by any means possible are far from friends with anyone who genuinely wishes to see peace and security between them and me and mine.

  4. Stan Nadel Says:

    Nice that (not-so) Open Democracy posted this excellent article. I was banned from commenting because someone objected to my making some mild comments in the same direction and was never allowed to defend myself.

  5. Soupy One (@InTheSoupAgain) Says:

    True, Open Democracy has had many articles on or around these topics, 7+

    Mostly (when I counted the other week) were dismissive of the concerns about antisemitism or argued the line “that’s the wrong question to ask”, etc

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