Dave Rich is talking about his new book: ‘The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and anti-Semitism’

jlmJewish Labour Movement, North West invites you to hear Dave Rich talk about his new book:

The Left’s Jewish Problem:

Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and anti-Semitism

Date: Sunday October 9th, 6-00pm


Venue: North Manchester

(TBA after registering)

No admission without registering first


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Does the Labour Party have a problem with antisemitism? Jewish supporters are deserting Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and the party has held three different inquiries into antisemitism this year. Dave Rich’s timely new book looks at the growth of an anti-Israel Left, that includes Young Liberals in the 1960s, Trotskyists in the 1980s and parts of the present Labour Party. It looks at the damaged relations between British Jews and the Labour Party, and what can be done to address antisemitism in politics today.

Dave Rich is Deputy Director of Communications at the Community Security Trust. He is also an Associate Research Fellow at the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Birkbeck College, University of London, where he was awarded his PhD in 2015.

5 Responses to “Dave Rich is talking about his new book: ‘The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and anti-Semitism’”

  1. Jay Rothermel Says:

    Reading it now. Very useful.

  2. (((#Traingate))) (@InTheSoupAgain) Says:

    Long-term readers of this blog will not forget Sue Blackwell.


    Blackwell latest pronouncements in support of Jackie Walker show that the passage of time has not gifted her with any more wisdom.

    An extract:

    “I write as a member of Momentum, and as a very new member of the Labour Party who joined after Jeremy Corbyn’s convincing re-election as leader. I also write as an activist within my union UCU and as an academic linguist.

    In the welcome letter I received on joining the party, Iain McNicol
    writes “The Labour Party always embodies the value of equality, fairness
    and social justice.” I expect no less. Unfortunately these values do
    not seem to be being applied in the case of Jackie Walker. I have read
    in the Guardian that she has been suspended from the Labour Party for a
    second time, and that instead of defending her against what is clearly a
    witch-hunt, Momentum is joining in the attacks by proposing to remove
    her as vice-chair at tomorrow’s meeting. This is apparently on the
    basis of her contributions to a training session during the Labour Party
    conference, which was a closed event but nonetheless secretly recorded.

    I can understand why Jackie’s remarks may have caused offence to some
    people, and perhaps they could have been better expressed. Nonetheless I
    see nothing antisemitic or racist in them. What is wrong with calling
    for Holocaust Memorial Day to be more inclusive?

    But I would like to comment in particular on her statement “I still
    haven’t heard a definition of antisemitism that I can work with” which
    has been greeted with outrage. To me it is perfectly comprehensible and
    reasonable if taken in context. The Jewish Labour Movement, which was
    running the training event in question, had stated that it was using the
    EUMC Working Definition on Anti-Semitism. I have given conference
    papers about the EUMC “working definition” and can state conclusively
    that (a) it is not a definition and (b) it does not work. It is in fact
    a motley collection of examples, several of which muddy the waters by
    conflating criticism of Israel with genuine antisemitism. It is no
    doubt because it is not fit for purpose that it has never been adopted
    by the EU: the FRA (the successor body to the EUMC) does not use it and
    it no longer appears on the FRA website. Despite this, many pro-Israel
    groups continue to campaign vociferously for the definition to be
    accepted as THE standard definition.

    When I was on the National Executive of UCU, I was responsible for
    bringing a motion to our annual Congress which distanced the union from
    the EUMC “working definition” while continuing to fight all forms of
    racism and discrimination. This motion was overwhelmingly carried and
    is now UCU policy. In fact, I was the only non-Jewish speaker in
    support of the motion: a succession of Jewish members of UCU stepped up
    to denounce the EUMC “definition” as being completely unhelpful in
    countering genuine antisemitism.

    A member of UCU (Ronnie Fraser) subsequently brought a tribunal case
    against UCU for alleged antisemitic discrimination, citing UCU’s motion
    on the EUMC definition as evidence. One of his witnesses was Jeremy
    Newmark, who was at that time the CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council.
    He is now, of course, the chair of the JLM. The fact that his evidence
    to the tribunal was dismissed by the judges as not being truthful should
    give Labour Party members reason to doubt how constructive a role he and his organisation are likely to play in providing any training concerning antisemitism or winning Jewish voters.

    I believe that when Jackie said “I still haven’t heard a definition of
    antisemitism that I can work with”, Jackie was making a playful allusion
    to the EUMC “working definition”. She is quite right not to accept it.
    The Labour Party should distance itself from that definition, as my
    union has done, and should encourage genuine debate about the nature of
    antisemitism and how the party can identify and combat it.

    I urge you to give Jackie your full support as a respected anti-racist
    campaigner of long standing within the party. If you do not, the
    witch-hunt will only intensify and those promoting it will not be
    satisfied until they have the heads of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell
    on a platter.

    thank you for taking time to read this.

    In solidarity,

    Sue Blackwell
    (South Suffolk CLP)”

    • James Mendelsohn Says:

      “those promoting it will not be satisfied until they they have the heads of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell
      on a platter.”
      I wonder if she is knowingly making an allusion to another Jewimeanzionist who requested someone’e head on a platter.

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