David Hirsh Podcast – Academic Engagement Network

David Hirsh did this podcast in New York for the Academic Engagement Network on left antisemitism, opposing BDS, and the rise of the new populist movements, Brexit and Trump.


One Response to “David Hirsh Podcast – Academic Engagement Network”

  1. RW Johnson Says:

    I was recently in Canada and read in a local Vancouver newspaper of how the government there had legislated that the government regarded BDS and similar outfits as anti-semitic and therefore ordered that the government would give no contracts or tenders or have any other business with individuals or organizations which supported them. This seemed to me an eminently sensible way of dealing with these nuisances and I wish Engage would campaign for similar legislation in the UK and elsewhere. Note that one can lobby any level of govt – municipal, county council, national – to achieve this. I am a gentile but I would strongly support such legislation. This sort of poisonous nonsense has gone on for too long. As a normal Labour supporter it pains me to say that you probably have a better chance of getting such legislation through under the Tories. Probably the smart thing to do would be to start by lobbying the councils in areas of strong Jewish settlement – North London, Leeds and so on – and try to build momentum from there. This would have far more effect than your (entirely praiseworthy) website.

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