Hear David Hirsh speak about “Contemporary Left Antisemitism”.

5  12.00 Haifa University, Auditorium 101, Students’ Building
6  12.30  Hebrew University, Jerusalem  Social Sciences Room 3510
6  18.30  Netanya AACI 28 Shmuel Hanaziv [fb page]
7  14.00  Bar Ilan University
17  12.30  Landshut
7 13.00  Brussels, European Parliament.  Conference on ‘The New Antisemitism’.
7  19.00  Glasgow.  “Whitewashed” Giffnock Synagogue Hall, 222 Fenwick Road, Giffnock, G46 6UE
25  Limmud.  “Whitewashed”.  And also a panel about antisemitism and methodology.  And a talk about ‘Contemporary Left Antisemitism’.
9  20.15  Edgware United Synagogue

2 Responses to “Hear David Hirsh speak about “Contemporary Left Antisemitism”.”

  1. Eric Says:

    In his book David Hirsh claims “In 2006 Ken Livingstone was accused of anti-Semitism, he responded with a counter-accusation that he was being accused in this way only in order to silence his criticism of Israel.”
    This seems pivotal in David Hirsh’s understanding of the subject matter. Unfortunately it simply isn’t true. Livingstone wasn’t accused of anti-Semitism although he came in for a lot of flack for calling a Jewish reporter a camp guard, and his point wasn’t about being silenced about Israel.
    This may seem trivial but the so-called Livingstone formulation doesn’t apply even to this – the original row.
    I’ve seen antisemites play victim of the “Zionist” or “Jewish” lobby before but these attempts are not attempts deflecting accusations at them but at pushing their conspiratorial theories.
    I’m struggling to recall a genuine instance of the Livingstone formulation.

    • Jack Arnon Says:

      “The Livingstone formulation” is useful when trying to understand why so many “leftists” don’t want to take antisemitism seriously.

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