Claudia Globisch is speaking at Goldsmiths, University of London, Monday 11 March

11 March, 18.00, Main building, RHB 343.

“Us and them & the third“: Ideology and strategies of the far right in Germany & Austria

This lecture looks at the relationships between racism, antisemitism and anti-genderism within the contemporary far right in Germany and Austria. It presents the empirical findings of research into far right movements and shows that ethnopluralism figures as a key strategy which disguises the far right´s racism. This is a discourse that the far right adopts in order to appear not racist, but which in fact functions as a facade which covers the enduring and underlying racialized agenda of these movements. Ethnopluralism is also intertwined with anti-genderism, which itself sometimes comes packaged as a kind of national feminism.

The main enemy of this form of racism are universal postulates that deny an ethnopluralistic world order and are blamed for making cultural differences invisible. Antisemitism serves as an ideology to stabilize ethnopluralistic world views, as Jews are constructed as the third, threatening the imagined ethnopluralistic world order: “Germany to the Germans, Austria to the Austrians, America to the Native Americans … Israelis get out of Palestine”.

Dr. Claudia Globisch is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Innsbruck. She does research on antisemitism, right-wing extremism, social policy and poverty. Her first book was on antisemitism from the far left and far right in Germany. Her Habilitation is a case study on autonomy, activating social policy and poverty resilience.

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