Some links relating to the IHRA definition of antisemitism – David Hirsh

Here are links to pieces specifically about the “Jerusalem Declaration”:

NEW: The “Israel is a racist endeavour” clause in the IHRA definition – David Hirsh

NEW: The JDA Definition of Antisemitism is Completely Incoherent and Much Worse than the IHRA Definition – Ari Allyn-Feuer

The fathom e-book – which itself now brings together some of the pieces of writing linked to below:

This is my response to a call by Israeli academics to reject the IHRA definition.

This is the fullest thing I’ve written specifically on the IHRA definition. It is a version of Chapter 5 of my book Contemporary Left Antisemitism: Hirsh, David. 2019. Contemporary Struggles over Defining Antisemitism. In: Jonathan G. Campbell and Lesley D. Klaff, eds. Unity and Diversity in Contemporary Antisemitism: The Bristol-Sheffield-Hallam Colloquium on Contemporary Antisemitism. Boston: Academic Studies Press, pp. 17-39. ISBN 9781618119667

An earlier version of the same piece was published in fathom:
Hirsh, David. 2012. Defining antisemitism down: The EUMC working definition and its disavowal by the university & college union. Fathom, 1(1), pp. 30-39.

Here’s me talking about IHRA on a youtube video.

Here is Dave Rich‘s response to the Letter in the Guardian signed by Stephen Sedley and the other lawyers:

Here is a new European Commission Pamphlet about IHRA and the uses to which it has been put. Download the pdf here:

Here’s my critique of David Feldman’s attack on IHRA in the Guardian:

Here’s another critique of Feldman’s attack on IHRA from two scholars who are associated with his own institute for the study of antisemitism, Dave Rich and Philip Spencer.

Here’s a piece on the IHRA definition by the brilliant philosopher Eve Garrard. She just sets it all out so clearly:

This open letter responds to those who insist that Ken Stern, who has become a public opponent of the definition, was the key author of the definition. Ken Stern isn’t the only author the IHRA working definition of antisemitism

This piece by Lars Fischer is excellent ‘Only Antisemites oppose the IHRA definition of antisemitism:

Amanda BermanEmbrace of IHRA’s Definition is One of Biden’s Early Policy Victories:

‌A note by David Hirsh: “The IHRA definition is a material social fact”:

A letter in support of IHRA, signed by 95 Jewish student leaders in the UK, published in the Guardian:

John Mann: IHRA helps us to judge what is antisemitic but that doesn’t mean that speakers should be banned from campus:

See Gunther Jikeli‘s argument here:

See Jovan Byford‘s piece here:

These two links focus on the EHRC report, and what that has added to IHRA:
The Livingstone Formulation is Dead – David Hirsh

The EHRC ruling has re-stated The Livingstone Formulation in the language of UK Equality law – David Hirsh.

This is a article by me in Jewish News, 18 July 2018:
‘Understanding Labour’s disavowal of the IHRA definition’.

There is some discussion of the IHRA definition here, from August 2018:
‘Stop accusing the Jewish community of conspiring against the left’.

I wrote this in Decmeber 2016:
‘This new definition of antisemitism is only a threat to antisemites’.

Some blogs by Dave Rich of the CST:
‘The arrogance of Labour’s antisemitism definition’

‘Labour’s antisemitism code exposes a sickness in Jeremy Corbyn’s party’.

And Mark Gardner, of the CST:
What is the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism?

IHRA and the Labour Code of Conduct

What is the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism?

This is from Alan Johnson, 29 May 2019:
‘Yes, Labour members can criticise Israel without being antisemitic – Clare Short has spread a poisonous myth’

This piece on IHRA is by Legal scholar Lesley Klaff and philosopher Bernard Harrison:

This was written by Lesley Klaff about the Fraser case:
Fraser v University and College Union: Anti-Zionism,
antisemitism and racializing discourse

Here’s a piece by Amie on Harry’s Place:

Also this one:

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