Useful links about the “Jerusalem Declaration”

‘Calling a truce with left-wing antisemitism’: The Case Against the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism
by John Hyman and Anthony Julius

“The Jerusalem Declaration defines the ‘community of the good’, not antisemitism” – By focusing on hypotheticals it ignores what antisemitism is really like Jewish Chronicle, April 1 2021 – David Hirsh

“We don’t need another definition of Jew hate”
Those behind the ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ risk setting back the fight against antisemitism
Jewish Chronicle, April 1 2021- Dave Rich

“Why You Should Be Highly Alarmed by — and Yet Totally Ignore — the Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism” Algemeiner, 31 March 2021 – Lars Fischer

“Yet Another Attempt to Sanitize Anti-Zionism” – Algemeiner, 30 March 2021 – Ben Cohen

“Some discussion about IHRA and the ‘Jerusalem Declaration” – Engage, 31 March 2021 – David Hirsh

“The Existance of the JDA only serves to bolster the argument for IHRA” – Jewish Journal, 6 April 2021, Amanda Berman

“IHRA to JDA: definitions of antisemitism in 2021” – Times of Israel, 9 April 2021, Jeffrey Herf

“Who gets to define Antisemitism?” – 10 April 2021 – Artur Wilczynski

“A New Definition of Antisemitism Is Out, and the Antisemites Love It” – Ha’aretz – 7 April 2021 – David Schraub

“Accommodating the New Antisemitism: a Critique of ‘The Jerusalem Declaration’” – fathom – 13 April – Cary Nelson

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