Useful links about the “Jerusalem Declaration”

3 Responses to “Useful links about the “Jerusalem Declaration””

  1. STAN NADEL Says:

    We should note that one of the promoters of this declaration is Sergio Luzzato, a historian who has revived and promoted the old Blood Libel that Jews torture and murder Christian children for Passover. That his fellow drafters of this document are so indifferent to real Antisemitism that they find him to be an acceptable partner is enough to demonstrate their lack of competence in defining and opposing antisemitism

    • David Hirsh Says:

      Another is Richard Falk. Jackie Walker likes it too, as do a number of other big supporters of antisemitic politics.

      It’s not just random. If antisemites endorse a definition of antisemitism because they believe it helps them to portray themselves as not antisemitic, that’s relevant.

      • STAN NADEL Says:

        Of course, but Falk and Walker can try to provide some unconvincing basis for denying Antisemitism while the Luzzato case with promoting the Blood Libel is undeniable–even an SS uniform and an oath to Hitler would be weaker evidence of Antisemitism than this.

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