Soupy One – glad for the Rev Stephen Sizer

Rev Stephen Sizer has undertaken to be more careful about antisemitism in future. Soupy One comments.

The Methodist Church and Institutional Antisemitism

… Stephen Leah, a lay preacher from York PSC who worked up a report on Israel calling for Methodists to boycott settlement goods from the Occupied Territories. In compiling his report, Leah drew heavily from a variety of anti-Jewish sources – mostly linked to the Sabeel and Friends of Sabeel networks.

Read the piece here, on HP.

Guardian editorial in defence of Raed Salah

From the CST blog:

‘This Guardian editorial, however, like the constituency it educates and reflects, clearly cares far, far more with bashing Israel than it does with seriously contemplating anything to do with Islamist antisemitism; why Jews have every right to fear it; why British Jews have every right to request Government protection from it; and why the British Government has every right to deny people entry on the back of this.’

Do read the whole piece, by Mark Gardner.