Another response to Mearsheimer’s Jewish categories

David Schraub writes to Andrew Sullivan about the latter’s defence of John Mearsheimer’s categorisations of the American Jewish community into ‘Righteous Jews v. New Afrikaaners‘.  From the middle:

“Mearsheimer also groups the entire list — “righteous” and “Afrikaner” — under the broader label of “American Jews who care deeply about Israel.” This is the fulcrum of your defense of his delineation — that Mearsheimer’s objection to the “New Afrikaners” is that, within the broader class of people who care about Israel, their political prescriptions are deeply misplaced; the “righteous Jews” are the ones who truly care and know best. But again, to characterize them as folks who “care deeply about Israel” is simply not an accurate description of several of his “righteous Jews”. I mean that in an entirely value-neutral way — not that their politics are inconsistent with a deep concern for Israel (though I think in many cases they are), but simply that they wouldn’t characterize themselves as folks who “care deeply about Israel”.

Put simply, by their own admission a goodly portion of Mearsheimer’s “righteous Jews” are not folks who “deeply care” about Israel and are committed to achieving a two-state solution for as long as it is a plausible goal. Their commitments and desires lie elsewhere. They are not our friends. They are not our allies.”


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