Parliamentary debate on Holocaust Memorial Day

The parliamentary debate on Holocaust Memorial Day, led by Sadiq Khan, united the house. It touched on the rise in antisemitism further to Operation Cast Lead; the recent readmission of Richard Williamson by Pope Benedict and the problem of Holocaust denial; the importance of young people understanding the reasons for dedicating a day to remembering victims of genocide; the self-portrayal of Holocaust deniers as a heroic but victimised minority; the threat from neo-Nazis; untold stories from the demonstrations against Operation Cast Lead; praise for Karen Pollock and other Holocaust Education Trust organisers; the presence of racism and bigotry across the political spectrum; peoples in East Timor, Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, Congo, Armenia and other countries; the importance of education; challenges – what standing up to hatred requires; accounts of students and and other constituents visiting Auschwitz. Tribute was paid to Andrew Dismore who in 1999  proposed the bill which let to the establishment of Holocaust Memorial Day.

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